For more than 50 years, our child sponsorship program has been improving the lives of children and making a difference in the lives of their families. Child sponsorship instills hope in the hearts of the sponsored children so that they can realize their full potential. Last year, 66,263 children and families were served through our child sponsorship program.

Below you will see Sponsored Children from the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines singing about having a "can-do" attitude thanks to their positive experiences and Pearl S. Buck International Sponsors. Note the confidence child sponsorship has instilled in their hearts when they sing, "we can be what we want for the world to see."


"This organization shall not act solely or primarily but only incidentally,
as a distributor of relief to deprived children until they are trained,
educated and given opportunities to sustain themselves."

-Pearl S. Buck, announcing the formation of The Pearl S. Buck Foundation in 1964

Pearl S. Buck founded the child sponsorship program to touch the lives of children who were abandoned or discriminated against due to the circumstances of their birth. Child Sponsorship enables them to receive health care and an education. Individuals can become Child Sponsors or Champions for Children and commit to improving the lives of children and their families. A Project Partner program affords opportunities for donors to give to a specific cause in the country of their choice. Read about how we implement our child sponsorship programs.

 Our News from the Field publication chronicles the success of our child sponsorship programs and highlights the activities and services. 

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